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Piano on Dim Stage

Piano Moving

Moving pianos and organs is not as easy as moving other furniture.  Pianos are heavy, typically weighing between 500 and 1,300 pounds, and their uneven weight distribution creates challenges for even experienced movers. Grand pianos must be disassembled to get through doorways and to prevent damage to the top, legs, and pedals.  

Commercial Moving

You have so many responsibilities at work, from managing employees, to servicing clients, to coming up with the next great plan of action. Let our office movers take you to your new home so you can stay focused on your business. Gifted Hands Moving is a professional and experienced moving service that has been doing this for years! And it’s no surprise that we are referred to as one of the best moving companies of Memphis. Our affordable and experienced moving experience will show you why people never go back to moving on their own.

Empty Truck

Labor Only Moving

We'll Give Your Move a Lift

Contact Gifted Hands Moving if you need help moving in Memphis, TN

Need help moving in Memphis, TN? Don't hurt your belongings or yourself trying to carry big, bulky objects in or out of your home-hire the labor-only movers at Gifted Hands Moving to do the heavy lifting for you. Whether you need help with a single piece of furniture or every oversized items in your house, you can trust us to help. We'll do our best to move your heavy belongings to your new home safely.

Long Distance moving

The Heavy Load

Long Distance moving is a monumental process in people’s lives. For most people, almost each part of their everyday life is about to change drastically. Planning a move in those circumstances can be incredibly stressful. Gifed Hands Moving’s approach to long distance moving is suited to help relieve our customers’ anxiety at each step of the process. Our goal at Gifted Hands Moving is to provide the best possible service at the best possible price.

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Moving Truck

Local Moving

Even a local move is a big deal.

Whether “home” for you is a 5,000-square-foot family estate or a single-bedroom condo, moving can be overwhelming. Let us shoulder the burden for you—we are elite movers, after all. It’s our job as a trusted local moving company to make sure your move across town, or just across the street, happens on schedule, as planned, every time.


Do you think packing is the worst part of moving? If so, you're not alone.

Many property owners in the Memphis, TN area rely on Gifted Hands Moving for packing services.

You should, too. We're equipped to handle moves of all sizes.
Not sure how to move oversized items or valuable belongings?

That's no problem for our experienced packers and movers.

Delivery Men
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